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Who Is Davidson Lee Price?

Davidson Lee Price is the nom de plume of a fella by the name of Jeffery W. Price. The pseudonym is a tribute to his father, David, who passed away before Davidson finished writing Whippoorwill Hollow.

Davidson spent the first 20 years of life in northeast Georgia, in and around the Classic City where the DAWGS play ‘tween the hedges. He was an extremely shy kid, because he was heavy on the southern drawl and light on vocabulary. To this day, he does what he can with both. However, he found in silence exists a keen awareness of his surroundings and an active imagination. All of these qualities contribute to his style of writing.

Davidson made a few bad decisions after high school. After having his butt chewed out by a few different judges, and with a little convincing by his father, Davidson course corrected his life, enlisting into the US Coast Guard just before he turned 21. That moment remains the most critical crossroad faced in his adult life.

Davidson left the muddy waters of Georgia for the frigid waters of Alaska. He began an adventure that he was too ignorant to appreciate at the time. Fortunately, as time passed, he took less for granted, especially time itself. Davidson once had a commanding officer who told the crew prior to throwing off lines, “…sea stories do not come from sitting by the pier.” They sure don’t; nor do any stories derive from sitting idle on a couch staring into a television or some other electronic device. Stories come from taking chances, victories and defeat, success and failure, love and heartbreak, callused hands, broken bones, and scars. Stories come from living until you die.

Davidson retired from the Coast Guard after 23 years of service; however, he proudly continues working for the oldest US maritime service as an instructor at the National Search and Rescue School. During his last tour, he began entertaining the idea of writing a book inspired by a tragedy aboard one of his cutters. With tremendous support from his wife, Kristin, Davidson dared to venture outside his comfort zone to write his debut novel Whippoorwill Hollow. Davidson intends to continue sharing his thoughts and ideas in his country way of story tell’n. Hell, he might even learn a new word or two along the way.

Enough about the son of David. Here is a little about the man who inspired the pen name:

David Wayne Price was born in the family house, pulled into this world by the hands of a midwife named Lucy Snowball. He was on the younger side of the ten brothers and sisters born to James Grayford and Ethel Bell Price. James and Ethel were farmers and joint proprietors of a country store who never ran low on work for the kids to take care of before and after school. Thanks to all those farm chores, David developed a tireless work ethic that never subsided until his last days. He served honorably in the younger maritime service, better known as the Navy, for four years before heading to the National Meat Cutting School in Ohio. After Ohio, David went home to Georgia. He enjoyed cold beer (Nattie Lite) under a shade tree on a hot day while trading salty sea stories with his son. He enjoyed fall Saturdays in Sanford Stadium. He enjoyed fish’n those muddy waters of the south. He enjoyed tending to his garden. He lived a good life as a kind, giving man. He loved Mama Joan, his children, and grandchildren dearly. He is missed every day by all who were blessed enough to know him.

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