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Davidson Lee Price rarely left northeast Georgia early in his life, and when he did it was but for a few days. Then one day he joined the Coast Guard and left for good. Thanks to a generous helping of long watches, he spent countless hours accompanied by only his thoughts. He accumulated an abundance of ideas and stories during the more than two decades he spent in the Coast Guard. Davidson treasures the many good people who entered his life and fondly remembers those lost. Whippoorwill Hollow is his first book, inspired by a lost shipmate.

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Whippoorwill Hollow

What does it take to truly lay a burden down?

Having served two tours in Afghanistan, Hudson Lee returns home to Georgia mentally traumatized after the death of his good friend, who sacrificed himself to save Hudson in battle. Deeply distraught and unable to see a way out of his depression, Hudson makes plans to end his life at the family farm, Whippoorwill Hollow. Just when he’s about to follow through, however, he encounters an abandoned dog that’s been bitten by a snake and in dire need of help. Hudson’s protective instincts kick in, and he and the mistreated red-nose terrier, named Hank after Hudson’s deceased friend, form an extraordinary bond.

Across town, Katie Carter is increasingly despondent about the pros[1]pect of ever escaping her abusive fiancé, Sean. When Hank guides Hudson and Katie together, she, too, has nearly lost her will to live. No matter where she goes or what she does, Sean always seems to find her.

But love, family, and forgiveness are powerful, and with Hank’s help, Hudson and Katie stand a chance of outrunning the demons of their past and facing a future together. Davidson Lee Price’s debut novel is a tender and moving story of what happens when unspeakable pain is finally shared and how a community can come together to heal it.

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